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Cloud security | CRAW Security
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Cloud Security & Penetration Testing Security

Cloud throws a whole range of unique security concerns into the IT field.

Cloud Security & Penetration Testing Security

Check if data stored in cloud services is encrypted by default and determine the encryption algorithms used to encrypt the data Cloning of virtual machines helps minimize the down time as affected machines and evidence can be analyzed offline facilities investigation of a suspected security breach Automated cloud security testing solutions can proactively verify the security of cloud deployments against real current attacks techniques

Cloud security | CRAW Security

It's important for you to provide Customer data security, Platform security, Application Security, Access management, OS Security, Network Security, Encryption etc. Entersoft's cloud security assessments help you have holistic cloud security.

Recommendations for cloud testing

Find out whether the cloud provider will accommodate your own security policies or not Compare the provider’s security precautions to the presents levels of security to ensure the provider is achieving better security levels for the user Pay attention to the services provider’s agreement so that the coding policies can be secured Authenticate users with a user name password

Our Cloud Security Assessment Covers

Cloud Security Tests

External penetration tests on all your cloud instances.

OS Configuration Tests

OS level vulnerability assessments and patching

Architecture Reviews

Communication, APIs and platform architecture reviews.

Firewall Testing

Web application and network firewall testing.

Load and Performance Tests

Stress tests, Performance tests and load tests to test the cloud resilience.

DOS and DDOS tests

Real time white hat hacker attacks on your cloud.

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