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Mobile Penetration

mobile penetration testing is the concept To privent the threat of stealing of confidential passwords while doing transaction from smart devices .

mobile pentration testing is the concept to better undersatanding of mobile phones weakness or secure them and the Demand of Smartphone has continuously been incresing since last couple of years so the hacking of smartphones is also increasing the resulting in frequent shift of Global Smartphone OS market share. Android Smart phones which have been fueling the penetration of the device around the world by providing low price . It’s really exciting to see an increasing adoption of Smartphones in some emerging countries such as China, Brazil and India. Despite of Smartphone market growth, Android is the only Smartphone OS witnessing explosive adoption in these emerging markets Smartphone penetration in India is low when compared to global market share reports. There exists tremendous untapped growth potential for this market; Smartphone penetration in India is currently among the lowest in the Asia-Pacific region.

A penetration test consist of performing a, not specified, amount of known exploits against a selected target. The exploits need to be selected carefully based on the security demands and the amount of time and resources available

mobilepenetration | CRAW Security


You need a lot of information. The most important is knowing what your security requirements are. What needs protecting? What is the damage potential if something does go wrong? Gathering good security requirements is a separate subject altogether but an important one. A good architectural view of the mobile application is needed. The entire chain, technical and functional, needs to be clear. Does the app store information locally on the device? What information is used? Is there server side activity? Is key functionality executed on the device or on the server? How is communication secured? What mechanism is used for authenticating a user? Is authorization needed?

Mobile pen testing toolkit dsploit

Dsploit is an android network analysis and penetration suite which ams to offer to it security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device .


  • WiFi scanning and common router key cracking
  • Deep inspection
  • Vulnerability search
  • MITM multi protocol password sniffing
  • MITM HTTPS session hijacking

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