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Network VA/PT Security

Network va/pt security scans an attack made due to weakness in your network.

Craw security providing all types of network security and penetration testing of the network craw security guiding you how to secure our network from the hacker’s and we are also providing the solutions of risk analysis risk management and recovery of risk on the networking

The craw security provide solutions of different types of latest tools and technologies because of we have number of experts for reaching the latest tools and technologies for the network security and they guide the student with practical scenarios to solve their problems we have the professional lab for the testing purpose so the student can live test the networking environment and also do practical’ to better understanding of the network security

Network | CRAW Security

we are providing following types of network security

Access control.
Antivirus and antimalware software
Application security
Behavioral analytics
Data loss prevention
Email security
Intrusion prevention systems.

Follow These General Steps for Vulnerability Assessments

  • Catalogue property and assets in a system
  • Assign quantifiable value and significance to the resources
  • Identify the protection vulnerabilities or workable threats to each resource
  • Mitigate or remove the most serious vulnerabilities for the most treasured resources


  • Defining and classifying network or system resources.
  • Categorizing the resources according to its importance.
  • Identifying potential threats to each resource.
  • Developing the strategy to deal with these potential problems.
  • Defining and implementing ways to minimize the consequences if an attack occurs.
  • Windows OS Concepts & Security.

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Craw Security - Inquiry Form

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