Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Any weakness that can be exploited by an aggressor or, in a non-terrorist threat environment, make an asset susceptible to hazard damage .


Explain: what constitutes a vulnerability.

Identify :vulnerabilities using the Building Vulnerability

Assessment Checklist. Understand that an identified vulnerability may indicate that an asset:

is vulnerable to more than one threat or hazard;

and that mitigation measures may reduce vulnerability to one or more threats or hazards.

Provide a numerical rating for the vulnerability and justify the basis for the rating.

CRAW Security

Vulnerability Rating

High- One or more significant weaknesses have been identified that make the asset highly susceptible to an aggressor or hazard.

Medium – An important weakness has been identified that makes the asset very susceptible to an aggressor or hazard.

Infomative– A weakness has been identified that makes the asset fairly susceptible to an aggressor or hazard.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

VAPT is a step by step process vulnerability assessment is the procces of scanning the system or software or a network to find out the weakness and loophole in that these loopholes can provide backdoor to the attacker to attack the victim the vulnerability is a software or hardware bug that a malicious individual can exploit the existence of vulnerability in a system impose a threat vulnerability are ranked on the basis of their severity and impact OWASP and SANS are the communities which provide the standard list of most common and serious security OWASP top 10 list emphasize on web application security and represents aboard consensus about what the most critical web application security flows are similarly the CWE/SANS to 25 vulnerability list aims t listing top 25 vulnerabilities in all kind of application

Cyber Security Solutions is providing you to identify the vulnerability

Network devices

Desktop applications

Mobile Application

Web applications


VAPT Process

CRAW Security

Cyber Security Solutions can help with your business for finding vulnerabilities and fix the problems

Reveal any potential exploits and give proposals on the best way to settle the vulnerabilities, and where to start remediation endeavors with the exploitable vulnerabilities.

Show how you can design and generate vulnerability assessment reports rapidly and effortlessly.

Indicate you if your system security is enhancing after some time by utilizing the pattern investigation report.

Show you if your system security is enhancing after some time by utilizing the pattern investigation report.

Show you if your network security is improving over time by using the trend analysis report.

Gives you the alternative to store the vulnerable data locally or remotely, your vulnerable data does not should be sent over the Web.

Perform authenticated and unauthenticated vulnerability checks for working frameworks, Operating systems,networks, databases, and Web applications.

VAPT Tools

NameLicenseTypeOperating system
MetasploitProprietaryvulnerability Scanner and exploitCross-platform
NessusProprietaryvulnerability ScannerCross-platform
Kali LinuxGPLCollection of various ToolsLinux
Burp SuiteProprietaryweb vulnerability ScannerCross-platform
w3afGPLweb vulnerability ScannerCross-platform
OpenVASGPLvulnerability ScannerCross-platform
Core ImpactProprietaryvulnerability Scanner and exploitwindows
NexposeProprietaryEntire vulnerability management lifecycleLinux, Windows
GFI LanGuardProprietaryvulnerability ScannerWindows
Acunetix WVSProprietaryWeb vulnerability ScannerWindows
QualysGuardProprietaryvulnerability ScannerCross-platform
CanvasProprietaryvulnerability Scanner and exploitCross-platform

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